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Getting Fedex Credentials

Step 1.  Registering for Test key and test meter number,

Go to

Within the FedEx Developer Resource Center:
1. Click on “Develop & Test Your Application” link at lower center of screen.
This should bring you to a screen which states: “Develop & Test Your Application”

2. Click on the “Obtain Developer Test Key” located in lower portion of screen.
The below screen should appear. You will need to enter all information requested.


Step 2.  – Email
Fedex replies with feedback information via email, pertaining to: Developer Test Key, Test Account, Test Meter Number, Test Password, Test Acct #, etc. All of this email information needs to be saved in a separate document as well as a screen shot for verification purposes.


Step 3. – Registering for Production key and production meter number and obtaining your Production Authentication Key.

1. Go to the below website and click on “OBTAIN PRODUCTION KEY”:
( or )

2. Web page asks if you intend to resell your
software, answer NO.

3. Check “FedEx Web Services for Shipping
(Includes Rate, Track, etc.)”
(Don’t check FedEx Web Services for Office and Print)

4. Please indicate whether you are developing your
FedEx integration solution as a Corporate Developer or as a
Consultant. (Answer CORPORATE DEVELOPER)

5. Click “Continue”
6. You’re taken to the next webpage,

– Obtaining Authentication Key:
Enter your FedEx acct #, as well as the rest of the information requested in this screen, if your mailing address is the SAME as your billing address, just enter your billing address and leave all of the Mailing address fields blank. If your mailing address is DIFFERENT than your billing address, enter both addresses accordingly.

(Caution, Fedex is VERY specific about what you enter in this screen. Their website is SPELLING sensitive, CASE sensitive, and PUNCTUATION sensitive! Meaning that if
your billing address is on a Street, and your billing address is registered with Fedex as St. vs Street, you MUST type your addresses exactly as you are billed according to whatever is
registered at Fedex. If you don’t enter your billing address exactly as Fedex has it for your billing address, down to the SPELLING, CASE, and PUNCTUATION, this form will not
accept your entry! Worse case scenario could be that if you can’t enter your address(es) correctly, you’ll have to call Fedex and manually do this portion over the phone with

Once you click Continue, if you’ve entered everything as Fedex has it in their records, you should be taken to a screen called “FedEx Web Services Production Access Confirmation”. Within this screen
the following information should be provided:
1. Supported Web Services
2. Authentication Key
3. Meter Number

Please take a screenshot of this information and save it to your computer. This information is not sent in an email from Fedex and this will be the only time you can get this information from them.
This information is used in Ship200 software and is critical to your system functioning. You can also copy and paste this information from this webpage and paste it into your document in addition to your screenshot, just in case your screenshot isn’t legible or your screenshot gets corrupted in some way. Is good to have a backup of this VERY important information.

Step 4.  Email
Fedex replies with feedback information via email, pertaining to: Developer Key, Production Meter Number, Production Security Code / Password, Production Meter Number, etc. All of this email information needs to be saved in a separate document as well as a screen shot for verification purposes.

Step 5. Phone:
When the above is completed, user must call Fedex to “Move your account to production.” and “Request activation of ALL Fedex Advanced Web Services”.
Fedex phone number is 877-339-2774 (When requested, choose or say “Ship Manager Server”)
When a support person answers, tell them “You wish to move your Fedex account to production and I’d like to request that all Advanced web services be activated, specifically including:
(1) Shipping,
(2) Void Shipping,
(3) Courier Dispatch,
(4) Courier Cancel, and
(5) Address validation”


Step 6. Email:
Fedex is supposed to reply w/i 72 hours of initial certification process with an email requesting you to submit test labels for label certification. You will need to keep an eye out for this email. Once you receive this email, VERY CLOSELY follow their instructions contained within those emails and generate test labels for both Express and Ground labels using Ship200 Shipping software.