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Puerto Rico – has the same country format.

We heard that some of you are a little confused when it comes shipping to Puerto Rico. This is because UPS and FedEx consider Puerto Rico as a different country (you need select Puerto Rico as a country) but USPS considers Puerto Rico as US State.

To avoid any confusion, we made adjustments to the USPS module, making Puerto Rico be considered a country as it does with UPS and FedEx. The result of that is Puerto Rico is removed as a state and is left only as a country.

Confusion solved 🙂

Added “Postback URL – Test Tool”

Long time expected news for all developers.

With this tool it is now even easier to setup and more importantly test the postback URL;
the URL that is called after you create a label in Ship200 to automatically update the tracking number in your admin/backend.

Click on “Bulk Shipments-> Generate Key”


Thermal Printer Setup on Mac OS

Mac Users will need to use Safari or Firefox.

Step 1.  First Make sure you have the latest Java installed by going to

Step 2. Thermal Printer Installation:

Note: Installing printer by selecting “Zebra EPL2 Label Printer”  as a aPrinter Software will not work.

  1. Open a Terminal window: ⌘(Option)+space, terminal, enter
  2. Enable CUPS web interface by entering this into the Terminal
    sudo cupsctl WebInterface=yes
  3. Load Safari to the CUPS web interface http://localhost:631 and click The “Administration” tab, then “Add Printer”1
  4. If you see your USB raw printer in the listing DO NOT select it.
  5. Click AppSocket/HP JetDirect, Continue.
  6. You will be prompted for a port
    1. For USB printers type: (Example)
      Get this port by issuing the command lpinfo -v |grep usb: from the Terminal. You don’t need the “?location=1a200000” information.3
    2. For network printers type: (Example)
      The IP address may be configured to use a different address, which is outside of the scope of this tutorial.
  7. Enter an appropriate Name, Description and Location for your printer
  8. Do not share printer, Continue.
  9. Make: Raw, Continue [screenshot]
  10. A summary will display. Click Add Printer
  11. Starting Banner: none, Ending Banner: none. Click Set Default Options
  12. You may now try adding Thermal Printer in Ship200 Settings Page


Step 3.

Firefox Instructions:

1. When prompt “Allow Plugin to Run” – select “Always Run”.
if you will reveive an error:
“Plugin NOT loaded”
You need to enable Java in Firefox
Go to Firefox Preferences -> Manage Add-ons.. -> Plugins -> Enable “Java Applet Plugin…. ”

Safari Instructions:

  1. Safari must be configured to run the Applet in unrestricted mode or you will receive an error:
    “Cannot run program /usr/bin/lpr: error=1, Operation not permitted”
  2. Go to SafariPreferencesSecurityManage Website Settings
  3. Select site to allow qz-print, and set it to Allow Always.
  4. Alternately, you may run Java in “Unsafe Mode”, which will have the same effect.
  5. Note:  Some Safari updates have reported the above settings don’t work.  If you’ve recently updated Safari and Java is blocked, change the settings to “Block”, then back to “Allow Always”.