Magento Installation HowTo – OneByOne Version

Magento OneByOne buttons

1. Download extension file – ‘magento_onebyone_1.0.2.tgz’

2. Log in into your Magento admin panel

Log into Magento Admin Page

3. Click on System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager

Magento Connect

4. You will see Magento Connect log in page, enter your username and password and click Log In

Magento Connect

5. Click Choose File

Magento Connect

6. Select extension file – ‘magento_onebyone_1.0.2.tgz’

Magento OneByOne file

7. Click Upload

Magento Connect

8. You will see next messages:

Magento Connect console

– after that click Refresh button

9. Log out from your Magento admin panel and log back in again to let additional changes apply…

10. Click System > Configuration -> Ship200 OneByOne Settings -> Ship200 Key and enter your Ship200 OneByOne key

11. Generating Ship200 Secret Key for OneByone Processing Plugin – How To

12. Installation is finished. Now you can use your Ship200 OneByOne extension.

Magento OneByOne buttons