Opencart 2.0+ Installation HowTo – OneByOne Version

OpenCart OneByOne buttons

1. Download the extension file ‘’

2. Log in into your OpenCart admin panel

OpenCart login page

3. Click Extensions on the left sidebar

OpenCart Sidebar

4. Click on Extension Installer

OpenCart admin sidebar

5.  Click Upload

OpenCart Extension Installer

6. Select extension file ‘’

OpenCart OneByOne File

7. Click Continue

OpenCart Extension Installer

8. Module Installation is finished

OpenCart Extension Installer

9. Now you need to refresh OpenCart cache – go to Extensions > Modifications on the left sidebar

OpenCart Sidebar

10. Click Refresh button

OpenCart Modification Page

11. Go to Extensions > Modules > Ship200 Onebyone Order > Edit, click Ship200 Key and enter your Ship200 OneByOne key

12. Generating Ship200 Secret Key for OneByone Processing Plugin – How To

13. Now you can use your new Ship200 Onebyone plugin.

OpenCart OneByOne buttons