osCommerce Bulk Shipments Processing plugin

How to Install

  1. Download oscommerce_ship200_bulk_1.0.zip
  2. Extract/Unzip files .
  3. Upload the files to the root folder of osCommerce.
  4. Now login to your osCommerce admin.

Click on Modules from left menu and one drop down will open then click on Boxes.oscommerce1

Click on +Install Moduleoscommerce2

Now you will see the new module over there. Click on +Install module.oscommerce3

Click Edit and enter your Secret Keyoscommerce4

How to get your Ship200 Secret Key?
1. Login to your Ship200.com Account
2. On Top Menu click “Bulk Processing”, then “Add/Remove Store” on the bottom left corner, then “Setup Import From osCommerce”
3.Place the Secret Key from ship200 setup page to the above

That is it, login to your Ship200 Account, click “Bulk Processing”, then “Check New” osCommerce Orders and you will see all New Orders from osCommerce