OScommerce Installation HowTo – Bulk Version

1. Download the extension archive – ‘oscommerce_bulk_2.3.zip’

Extract it on your computer

2. Upload ‘ship200_bulk.php’ file and ‘includes’ folder into root directory of your OScommerce installation

You can do it via FTP Client, eg – FileZilla Download

Connect via your FTP Client, open ‘oscommerce_root’ folder on your computer

select ‘ship200_bulk.php’ file and ‘includes’ folder make right click on it and click Upload

FTP Client OScommerce Bulk

3. Log in into your oscommerce admin panel

OScommerce log in

5. Go to Modules > Boxes

OScommerce admin panel

6. Click Install Module on upper right side of the page

OScommerce boxes modules

7. Choose ‘Ship200 Bulk Order Processing’ and click Install Module

OScommerce Bulk module install

8. Installation is finished. Click Edit button and enter your Ship200 secret key in the Ship200 Key field

OScommerce Bulk module settings

9. Generating Ship200 Secret Key for Bulk Processing Plugin – How To

Ship200.com OScommerce secure key