PrestaShop Installation HowTo – OneByOne Version

PrestaShop OneByOne buttons

1. Download the extension file – ‘’

2. You should set 777 permissions on ‘/override/controllers’ folder in your prestashop installation folder

You can do it via FTP Client, eg – FileZilla Download

Go to the ‘override’ folder in your prestashop installation folder

FTP Client

Right click on ‘controllers’ folder and click – ‘File permissions…’

FTP Client

Type 777 on the ‘numeric value’ field and check ‘Recurse into subdirectories’ checkbox and ‘Apply to all files and directories’ and click ‘OK’

FTP Client permissions

3. Log in into your PrestaShop admin panel

PrestaShop Login Page

4. Click Modules on the left sidebar

PrestaShop Admin Panel

5. Click Add a new module on the right side of the page

PrestaShop Add new module

6. Scroll the page down and click Choose a file

PrestaShop browse module

7. Select the extension file – ‘’

PrestaShop OneByOne Extension File

8. Click Upload this module

PrestaShop upload module

9. Click Install on the right side of the page

PrestaShop module installation

10. You will see installation popup, click – Proceed with the installation

PrestaShop module installation popup

11. Module installation is finished. Click Ship200 Key and enter your Ship200 OneByOne key

PrestaShop OneByOne installed

12. Generating Ship200 Secret Key for OneByone Processing Plugin – How To

13. Last thing – you should to clear PrestaShop cache, you can do it via 3rd part extension if you have one or to do it manually – go to ‘/cache’ folder in your prestashop installation folder using FTP Client, eg – FileZilla Download

Ftp Client prestashop cache folder

Select all files and folders right click on them and click Delete, wait until it will be deleted.

FTP Client prestashop cache folder

Now you can use your Ship200 OneByOne extension.

PrestaShop OneByOne buttons