X-Cart 5.0+ Installation HowTo – Bulk Version

1. Download the extension archive – ‘Ship200-Bulk_Order-v5_2_2.tar’

2. Log in into your X-Cart 5.0+ admin panel

X-Cart 5+ login page

3. Click Modules on the left sidebar and then Click Upload add-on

X-Cart Modules page

4. Click Choose File and choose ‘Ship200-Bulk_Order-v5_2_2.tar’ file from your computer and click Install add-on

X-Cart module upload

5. Wait until it will be installed and while X-Cart will re-build the store

X-Cart re-building store process

6. Ship200 Bulk plugin is installed, click Settings to configure it

X-Cart Bulk plugin installed

7. Click Ship200 Key and Enter your Ship200 secret key.

X-Cart 5+ bulk module settings

8. Generating Ship200 Secret Key for Bulk Processing Plugin – How To

Ship200.com get X-Cart secret key