ZenCart Installation HowTo – OneByOne Version


1. Download the extension file – ‘zencart_onebyone_2.2.zip’

2. Upload ‘ship200_postback.php’ file into root directory of your ZenCart installation

3. Upload ‘includes’ folder and ‘ship200_onebyone_addon.php’ file into zencart admin_folder

FTP Client OneByOne

3. Modify ‘orders.php’ file from zencart_root/admin_folder/orders.php from your server

open file in text editor

find the following code:

  if (($action == 'edit') && ($order_exists == true)) {
    $order = new order($oID);

replace it with the following code:

  if (($action == 'edit') && ($order_exists == true)) {
    $order = new order($oID);
      if(SHIP200_STATUS == "True") {
          if(SHIP200_POSTBACK_URL == "Enable") {
              $postback_url = HTTP_SERVER.DIR_WS_CATALOG."ship200_postback.php?id=".SHIP200_KEY;

save it and re-upload it back to the server

4. Apply an SQL patch

Log in into your ZenCart admin panel

ZenCart admin panel

go to Tools > Install SQL Patches

ZenCart admin panel

click Choose File and select ‘SQL PATCHES FOR ONEBYONE.txt’ file, then Click Upload

ZenCart admin panel    ZenCart OneByOne file select

ZenCart SQL Patcher

5. Installation is finished.

ZenCart Ship200 Bulk

6. Click Configuration -> Ship200 Settings -> Ship200 Key and enter your Ship200 key

7. Generate OneByOne Secret Key – How To